How to manage scanned documents?

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There are many options which vary based upon price and volume, but before considering a solution there are 2 important factors that need to be addressed:

How do you achieve Great Sales?

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What is sales? Sales is the art of persuading or influencing a specific outcome. We don’t realise it but we all sell in one way or another, at work at home with our friends and with our families without even knowing and some of us are better than others. But it’s important to remember that

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How to simplify and reduce the cost of selling?

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3G Business –  April Newswire #2 In the last newsletter we covered that in a recessionary period the challenge is to sell more whilst reducing costs. We also mentioned that the most cost effective way to achieve this is to introduce sales automation tools which will simplify the job of selling thus your sales team will

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How small business can beat the recession?

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3G Business –  April Newswire The rules in business are pretty much the same irrespective of buoyant times or during a recession. The main differences being during a recession you need to work harder to get the sale, in other words you need to do more for less.

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3G Vision – March Newswire Welcome to the 3G Vision Newswire. During the month of February 3G Vision has been very busy launching a new web site and preparing for the launch of 3GB V3.2