Next Generation CRM Relationships You CAN Recall

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Have you ever imagined what would happen if you could only remember 30% of the discussions or interactions you had with your friends?  What if your friend asked not to call them at work and you forgot and they got into trouble.  How long do you think you could maintain these relationships?

Surprisingly enough this happens every day within most businesses even the ones that have a CRM solution.

Can you relate to the following scenario?

John Smith is a Sales Consultant he managers numerous customers everyday and his company has a CRM system that he is required to update. John is very committed but like most sales consultants he believes there isn’t enough hours in day! He receives an important email from a new customer and he knows it could be a large deal. He decides to postpone his response till the end of the day when he can focus and produce a quality response. One thing leads to another and before John knows it he is late to get home, he locks his computer and rushes home. Next day John is sick or away from the office. How long will this customer wait?

How many times have your customers said:

  • Didn’t you get my email?
  • Didn’t you get my fax?
  • Didn’t you get my voicemail or SMS?

The biggest problem in most businesses is that phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers and mobile numbers are usually specific and deliver to a SINGLE person.

“What if all emails, faxes, SMS, voicemails and phone calls could be delivered to every member of your organisation when and if required by each member?

Well they can! – Next Generation CRM

Next Generation CRM is all about convergence not integration. Ideally you want 1 system or a few seamless systems that don’t require time consuming expensive integration. Your customer files should automatically RECEIVE all emails, faxes, SMS and voice mail messages. This means that Next Generation CRM providers have to develop within their CRM systems a messaging engine to send and receive all forms of messages. (i.e.  email, fax and SMS clients like outlook). Be able to handle functional and department specific messaging and much more.

How important are our customer’s relationships, why do we allow them to reside in multiple locations or relay on staff to copy and paste?

“People buy from people especially people who remember what I like, what I want and what I said!”

This is just 1 of the basic requirements that should be demanded in a CRM Solution. Make sure the one you select provides this plus other important features.

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