3G Vision: The future of Client Management Systems

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A Client Management Software or CMS is a specifically designed software for organisations that assist in managing customer data. It supports sales management, delivers actionable insights, integrates with social media and engages in team communication.

The most important purpose of any organisation or business is to expand their operations, generate more revenue and gather more clients. Existing customers are the greatest asset of any business because they are already acquainted with your brand, your products and operations. They have invested in you, is in constant business with you, and contribute to your earnings. Every customer is an integral part of your organisation, and it is crucial to analyse, foster, and build a good rapport with him or her to garner their loyalty, which will culminate in more trade. Fostering this exclusive bond calls for in-depth knowledge of their needs and every interaction they have had with your organisation. This information is spread across varied tools such as documents, emails, calendars, etc. As your business grows, organising and managing this important information and having prompt access to it becomes a struggle. This is when you need a tool that can display the entire details about customers with context, communication history, and keep you updated about appointments, notes, and insights. This is precisely what a client management software does.

At 3G Vision, we understand the needs of an evolving business and our Customer Management Software is fashioned to meet the increasing demands of the global business sector and adapt to new trends. Our CMS plan collects customer data and arranges them in a methodical manner, which can be sorted as per your wish based on several available filters. Every transaction and its history are noted and arranged systematically for easy lookup. The tool acts as a single source of information for every member in the organisation and the access is granted to across departments. The software ensures that there are no information gaps and no going back and forth, fishing for information. Time is of essence and the algorithm aids in quickly picking customer data that is spread across programs and applications. The more knowledge your employees have, the more empowered they feel.

Having an accurate and up-to-date CMS that everyone uses and has access to, helps employees solve client problems immediately and efficiently. It makes employees and clients happy. It is always better to have a standardisation in the communications with them as this is pleasing and maintains a uniform tone. With a standard instruction set, this can be easily achieved. A pleasing professional communication, prompt business activities and good support, reduces the risk of attrition is by 40%.

This CMS plan is capable of monitoring and collecting every minor detail of your customers’ transactions thereby offering you a panoramic view of the business arena and customer interactions. This helps you in two ways – understanding the needs of the customers and facilitating better options and services to them, and strategically planning your future investments based on customer behaviour and business trends. One can cross-sell and up-sell at the right time, with higher success rates. The installation and set-up of a CMS software is an investment that over time reaps benefits, which outweigh the costs.

Using a CMS, employees of the sales team can better schedule meetings with prospects in the same geographic area. With our CMS, you can closely understand and monitor your customers – an experience that can prove to be very personal. Analysis of customer data is simplified as it is collected at a single point. The advanced monitoring facilities of the software automatically updates the social media information of the customers. This saves up on effort and time that will need to be incorporated in doing manual researches otherwise. There are provisions for conducting interactions with the clients, which will be more like a live interaction and feedback session. This client follows up provision has proven to be useful for several of our clients. A highly customisable template that it is, it can be tailored to add the personal touch, unique to your business. Collation, organising and updating of your database as when it is needed, occurs without human intervention using a CMS.

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