3 Reasons a CRM is a Must-have for Small Business

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Are you still running your small business sales and marketing activity on spreadsheets, an email inbox and Post-it notes? That may have been suitable when you were just starting out however, it makes you vulnerable to mistakes as your business grows. We find many small business owners often procrastinate when it comes to utilising better business systems. Are you holding off on setting up CRM software for your business? Not even sure what a CRM is? Then you’re missing out on a powerful tool to make your business run smoother, more professionally and gives you capacity to scale up your activities. You’ll find CRM software in every major business across the globe, and the sooner you get the software, the sooner you’ll benefit.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can save you time, money and guesswork and can help your business get ahead. Still not convinced? Here’s 3 reasons why a CRM is a must-have for any small or startup business.

  1. More organised and efficient
    CRM software can help you setup systems and processes so admin tasks can be done in a fraction of the time. This means your CRM can save you money on wages or increase productivity. No matter which way you look at it, it will make you more profitable. Better yet, with CRM software, you minimise the risk of human error.
    With countless functions including calendar integration, updated client information and record keeping, you can focus more on sales and marketing helping you become a disruptive innovator in your industry.
  2. Pattern analysis helps your business make smart decisions
    Once you’ve been using CRM software for a while, you’ll collect enough historic data to analysis behaviour patterns within your business and the activity of your clients and customers. You can then make accurate predictions about future client and company behaviours. You can use this information to identify potential unwanted behaviors, such as clients ending contracts, missing payments or making complaints, and tackle it proactively. You can also analysis where your business is running efficiently and further optimise your processes. All of this allows your business to save staff hours and keep customers happy. This leads to reduced expenses and ultimately a more profitable and more successful business.

Plan and implement for growth strategy
How are you going to grow your business? What sales and marketing activity is most efficient and effective? Without CRM software you might find it difficult to keep a track of your numbers. When it comes to weekly, monthly or annual reports, without a CRM you may find it labour intensive to compile the relevant data you need plan and implement your growth strategy. Without accurate reports it becomes easy to make false asumptions which may impact on the health of your business. With CRM software, all of your historic data is stored safely in one place. The software can generate the reports automatically so you can make better decisions, and the data will be completely up-to-date and accurate. All this gives you a better understanding of your business so you can expand.

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