How small business can beat the recession?

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3G Business –  April Newswire

The rules in business are pretty much the same irrespective of buoyant times or during a recession. The main differences being during a recession you need to work harder to get the sale, in other words you need to do more for less.

Let’s face it in the day to day management of your business it is easy to forget that:

Profit = Income – Costs 

So if you want to maintain or increase profit you need to:

1. Sell More

2. Or / And Reduce Costs

In summary the challenge is to sell more whilst reducing costs!

As soon as you mention reducing costs the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is the BIG R. Redundancy or reducing staff, what amazes me is that most business owners and managers can’t seem to think out of the box. There are many positive ways to reduce costs, one is by delivering greater efficiencies in your business.

What if I told you that most businesses can double their productivity simply by streamlining their business processes. How you ask? By implementing Business Automation to streamline and simplify their business processes. The most logical and cost effective department to start with in delivering greater productivity is your main profit centre, your sales department. It’s logical if you make it easier for your sales team to sell they will sell more.

But how do you increase sales in a market where there are fewer buyers that demand more for less?

By making it easier to sell you have more time to spend with each customer which ultimately will help you close more sales with the same number of customers. (Increase your lead to close ratio)

The other area to address in “Selling More” is your channels to market.  Which ones can deliver more for less and which new channels to market can I introduce to my Marketing Mix.

There a numerous channels to market and most business only explore one or two. Some of these are:

Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Advertising, Mail Drops, Press Releases, Advertorials, Web Marketing plus many more.

In next week’s Newsletter we will introduce you to some of these and explore simple ways of implementing these into your business.

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