Reap the Benefits with a Call Centre CRM

You are going to love the number of labour-saving features that will streamline and greatly increase your call centre’s productivity. From a file that literally stores everything related to a customer, to automated emails, faxes, SMSs, letters and administration, your call centre staff are going to love the benefits that come with a 3GB call centre CRM. You won’t know how you previously coped without 3G Business!

Effortless Management

While your staff are busy working, our software manages each and every task, thereby freeing you up to focus on the business. Let our software manage your call centre tasks, actions and workflow processes.

Action Management

With an action management system that tells your staff what do, when to do it, how to do it and when it’s required, you will never miss another deadline. The Action Management system is like having a virtual team leader, reminding your staff what to do and how to do it each and every step of the way.

Global Notifications

Enjoy hassle-free snapshot views of all emails, faxes, SMSs, voicemail messages, web forms, customer enquiries and internal messages. All messages are automatically placed in their respective customer files, automatically notifying the most appropriate person for that message and sending out a personalised response.

Workflow Management

Start winning the business game today. Workflow management enables you to set up the steps in your business workflow; add your email, fax, SMS and letter templates with triggers; and add your workflow step guidelines. Benefit from a system that asks you what happened, explains what the next possible options are and automatically performs the next step/s for you.

Click-to-Call with Skype

Simply click the phone number you want to call, and your call is automatically initiated! Upon the completion of the call, you will be presented with a pop-up form that enables you to enter notes and select what happened during that call. It then sends out automatic emails, faxes or SMSs, or prints letters, and finally opens the next customer file in the task action cue.

“We were looking for a more efficient way to run our business, we came across 3G Business and after the demo we were hooked. They set-up 3GB for our business, helped us build and automate our finance process, and from that moment we knew our business was going to change. First we noticed that each staff member could do a lot more, in fact we measured it and discovered a productivity increase of approx. 500%. Within as little as 3 months our monthly revenue increased by 300% and now we are looking at expanding nationally. All this was made possible by 3G Business, we absolutely love it and highly recommend it.”

– S. Stapleton, CWA Finance Manager

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