Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a strategy devised to manage an organisation’s associations with existing and potential customers. It uses data analysis from customers’ history with a particular organisation to improve business relations with customers, keenly focusing on customer retention thereby generating better revenue. We at 3G Vision have formulized impeccable CRM modules that facilitate your business model.

What is Customer Relationship Management?

It is imperative to have a CRM program as it keeps a track of customer data and performs timely updates. In this age of vast customer bases and infinite interactions, an automated process that keeps data in order minimizes manual labour and eradicates errors. A central system stores all the data –from contact details to service conversations. It enables the organization to access and monitor the progress of activities or projects from time to time. The CRM program integrates with several other processes simultaneously and aid in sending out timely reminders or updates as per calendar schedules. The data collated is used for extended research and analysis purposes. One of the best aspects of CRM is that with an analysis of the existing data, they are able to make future predictions that will aid the organization in investing wisely and charting plans in the best possible manner.

Need for CRM for Financial Planners

The financial department is a primary part of any organization. Dealing with a large number of datasets in terms of records and figures, the database of this division is bound to be substantial. Huge transactions, interactions and churning out happens here. The finance team is inevitably inter-connected with several other internal team, external parties and stake-holders. The data here is vital and highly confidential and this calls for the need for an expert CRM for financial planners.

Why choose us?

We at 3G Vision have foreseen this need and have crafted an impeccable CRM plan for accountants. The progress of an organization is largely dependent on the market decisions it takes. Our financial CRM plans automatically analyses existing data – customer details and patterns, history of trade, financial factors etc and suggests a viable plan for the future that will prove to be lucrative. All the activities associated with this process is effortlessly automated thereby bringing manual interaction to almost nil. The inbuilt AI – artificial intelligence algorithm scrutinizes the data with precision and submits options for future plans. Our plans are formulated based on the latest technology and are constantly updated to match up with evolving global trends and market scenarios. That is the guarantee from 3G Vision to keep you at the forefront of your game. All the customer, partner and stakeholder details are recorded in the system, which is easily downloadable at any time. By linking your email and calendar to this system, one can also automate the sending of emails and other communication through a command. The expert accounting practice management software inculcated in this CRM program simplifies all accounting deals and carries them out smoothly. From minor everyday financial transaction to large-scale organizational financial deals can be automated and delivered seamlessly. Our system is compatible across formats and can be easily integrated with business development tools and apps.


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“3G Business automated our accounts, simplified the management and scheduling of jobs and enabled us to implement a paperless office. I especially love the auto invoices and the fact that all jobs are automatically synched to the Service Techs mobile phones. Basically 3G Business reduced our operational costs by 60%.”

– Mark Stachnik, CEO & Founder – Drymaster