We believe you should never ask a human to do what a computer can - it is through this belief that 3G Vision was born.

Throughout the years of working for numerous businesses we at 3G Vision discovered there was a need for a business system that was easy to use and delivered as an all-in-one system, doing away with expensive customisation and integration engineers.

A system that brought together the next generation in Sales, Marketing. CRM, innovative business tools all built on an easy to use automation engine – 3G Business CRM. ‘The next generation in Business IT.

‘Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at 3G Vision, from one of the first companies to deliver application convergence, with numerous applications that can talk to one another, emails, faxes, sms and letters that simply write themselves all built with a simple office 2010 user interface {which means you already know how to use it) you are going to love our products.

Why us?

3G Business has numerous features that set us apart from other database companies. Most other database companies provide you a system that partly interfaces to other platforms solving some business issues but creating numerous others. At 3G Business our approach is radically different from others.

We believe that in order to maximise the value from your front-end sales team/s you need to simplify both the sales process and the systems they run on. Most business we have worked with request fewer systems that provide greater capabilities. 3G Business is such a system, by redeveloping all the main system components required for front-end sales, 3GB was able to deliver a single front-end sales platform. Ultimately this 3rd Generation business platform SAVES YOU THOUSANDS of dollars on staff resources, hardware, software, integration and maintenance costs.


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“I own a glazing company on the Central Coast of NSW named Lisarow Glass. I purchased 3G Business and honestly believe it is one of the best decisions I have made. It has become the core of our processes, from phone enquiries to project scheduling, marketing to invoicing. Totally rate and recommend it!”

– Jeremie Hargraves, MD – Lisarow Glass