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If you’re a service based business then you will understand the importance of getting things done on time, every time. With automatic appointments, sms confirmations and the ability to push appointment data directly to your field staff’s mobile devices, your customers and staff will be kept up-to-date and informed every step of the way. Our software greatly improves productivity by automating the mundane repetitive tasks that can sometimes distract your staff from their more important tasks, like servicing your customers!

On Time Every Time

When serving customers is the main priority, it is reassuring to have a system that automates the creation of appointments, sends sms confirmations and notifies field staff of tasks and payment collection details.

Auto Appointment Creation

While you’re serving customers and selling various products and services you can book the delivery of the product or service with a single click. No need for manual appointment creation and no need for manual notification of your field staff, our software takes care of it all.

Auto Appointment Confirmation

When your busy booking in numerous customers in advance it becomes very difficult and expensive to confirm the bookings. Our software automates the booking confirmations freeing up time to serve more customers, generate more sales and make more bookings.

Field Staff Notifications

It is a tough job keeping up with a successful sales team. You have to process orders, book in services and at the same time, keep on top of your field staff. Our software takes the pain out of keeping your field staff always informed of all jobs and services. No need for constantly calling your field staff and reminding them of client addresses, phone numbers, services, pricing and collection amounts. Our software takes care of it all by pushing service information directly to their mobile device.

In-House POS

With our all-in-one sales and marketing system you will be able to quickly and easily process customer orders, automatically calculate financial surcharges, taxes and delivery costs, collect payments via multiple payment methods and automatically email invoices, all within 1 single system that you will love!

Google Calendar Synch

Google Calendar Sync is a powerful feature as it eliminates the need for service techs to log into a web or cloud based system (eliminates poor coverage issues). You can book jobs and/or services for your service techs directly in their 3GB Calendar which will automatically syncs to their iPad/iPhone or Android device. Service techs can even type notes, add their holidays and doctors’ appointments which will be synced back to HQ. By opening up an appointment and selecting Map Location and directions they will be even provided navigation to their next job.

Job Completion Form

3GB enables you to integrate a job completion form on your web site directly to 3GB. If your service techs are providing paid services and they collect payment, you can have them fill out a Job Completion Form with payment details. This will enable you to automate the completion of the job in the job system and the calendar, process the payment method, generate the invoice, email the invoice to the customer and the service tech and complete the accounts. All by simply completing the Job Completion Form.

“I own a glazing company on the Central Coast of NSW named Lisarow Glass. I purchased 3G Business around 4 weeks ago and honestly believe it is one of the best decisions I have made. It has become the core of our processes, from phone enquiries to project scheduling, marketing to invoicing. Totally rate and recommend it!”

Jeremie Hargreaves, Lisarow Glass MD

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