A Client Management Software or CMS is a specially designed software for organizations that aid in managing customer data. It supports sales management, delivers actionable insights, integrates with social media and engages in team communication.We at 3G Vision have formulized remarkable CMS formats that suit your business model and makes client management an easy task.

What does it do?

The primary intent of every organization or business is to expand and gather more clients. While you need new customers, existing customers are the greatest asset of any business because they are already familiar with your brand – your products and operations;they have invested their trust in you, are in constant transactions with you, and contribute to your earnings. Every customer is an integral part of your organization, and it is crucial to analyse, foster, and build a good rapport with him or her to garner their loyalty, which will culminate in more trade.

Knowing how to foster this exclusive bond, calls for profound knowledge about their needs and every interaction they have had with your organization. This information is spread across tools—spreadsheets, phone, email, notes, calendars, etc. As your business grows, collating and managing requisite information and having prompt access to it becomes a struggle. This is when you need a tool that can display the entire details about customers with context, communication history, and keep you updated about appointments, notes, and insights. This is precisely what a client management software does.

Why choose 3G Vision?

At 3G Vision, we are aware of the needs of an evolving business model and our Customer Management Software is curated to meet the increasing demands and adapt to changing trends. Our CMS plan collates customer data and arranges them in a methodical manner, which can be sorted as per your wish based on several available filters. Every transaction and history is noted, and arranged systematically. The tool acts as a single source of information for every member of the concerned department. The software ensures that there are no information gaps and no going back and forth. The customer always hears a consistent voice from the organization’s end. This plan is capable of monitoring and collecting every minor detail of your customers’ transactions thereby offering you a 360-degree view of the business arena and customer interactions. This helps you in two ways – understanding the needs of the customers and facilitating better options and services to them, and strategically planning your future investments based on customer behaviour and business trends. One can cross-sell and up-sell at the right time, with higher success rates.

With a highly developed customer management software like ours, you are able to closely understand and monitor your customers – an experience that can prove to be more personal. All the information on the customer is collated at a single point, which makes it easier for running an analysis of selected customers if needed. The system automatically enriches the details of your clients and their business profiles with their social media information. This saves up on effort and time that will need to be incorporated in doing manual research otherwise. There are provisions for conducting contextual interactions with the clients, which will be more like a live interaction and feedback session. This client follow up provision has proven to be useful for several of our clients.
Our template is highly customizable and can be tailored to add the personal touch, unique to your business. With an option to collaborate with other programs like calendar and emails, you can automate mail replies, program date and time features for sending periodical updates and information, and likewise update your database as when it is needed without human intervention.


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“3G Business automated our accounts, simplified the management and scheduling of jobs and enabled us to implement a paperless office. I especially love the auto invoices and the fact that all jobs are automatically synched to the Service Techs mobile phones. Basically 3G Business reduced our operational costs by 60%.”

– Mark Stachnik, CEO & Founder – Drymaster