3G Business is the ONLY COMPLETE BUSINESS SYSTEM that uses STRUCTURED DATA across ALL 26+ APPLICATIONS with an automation engine that enables you to automate any process and the creation of documents, emails, sms plus much more. Meaning you can automatically generate and send emails and attachments with information from any part of your business such as; Accounts, Appointments, Sales, Job/Services, Products, Marketing, Emails, SMS, Customer Docs including Invoices, Accounts Statements plus much more.

Imagine a system with ALL YOUR BUSINESS DATA that you can automate with any one of your business applications! (No need for Office or Goggle apps which CANT be connected to your main business system and automated)

Template Editors

It all starts with our template editors:

Email Templates – we have an email template editor that looks and feels like outlook, that enables you create email templates by simply typing or copying a regularly used email message, dragging and dropping any of the thousands of fields of data from a customer file or the data base including both dynamic or static document attachments. (A dynamic document is a document that contains both static information with various fields from a customer file that when generated it will create a document with that live data from the database)

Word Document Templates – Create word templates in our word document editor that looks and feels like Word by simply typing or copying a previously created document and simply drag and drop any field from a customer file or from the database so you can automate and send Letters, Quotes, Proposals, packing slips and much more in various formats including word and PDF.

Spreadsheet Templates – Create a spreadsheet template in a spreadsheet editor that looks and feels like Excel add formulas and drag and drop fields from a customer file and or the database so you can automate calculations specific to a customer or a process. Finance companies use the spreadsheet editor to create finance qualification calculators that are automatically generated to produce detailed complex calculations based upon the data stored in a specific customer file. You can add conditional formatting and many more of the standard excel features and auto generate and send as a single click or as part of a step in a process.

Appointment Templates – Create an appointment template so you can automate the creation of the Subject, Location and the body of an appointment. Add type of service, price of service if paid or unpaid plus much, much more. Imagine creating appointments automatically or by simply 1 single click on a timeslot on a calendar and all the appointment data gets generated with what you want in the format you want with auto appointment email and sms confirmations and reminders.

We also have Fax, SMS, Notes, Invoice and Quote Template editors.

The innovative 3G Business system will enable you to simplify and automate any type of email

Automate any type of email with attachments for any purpose:

  • Automate Follow-up emails for web enquiries or sent quotes or invoices and save loads of time.
  • Build Auto-pilot marketing sequences that will seamlessly work with your organisational processes thus knowing when to send and not to send specific emails.
  • Automate your sales reports and have them emailed on a specific time and day to specific people.
  • Automate your meeting invite reminders greatly reducing wasted human time.
  • Greatly reduce No Shows to your appointments by automating your appointment reminders
  • Improve your cashflow with 1 click payment reminders
  • Simplify invoicing by auto invoice emails
  • Automatically email rosters and service personnel’s calendars each and every night
  • Develop Auto-Responders for specific keywords, phrases or subject lines
  • Build email Parsing rules to automatically extract both information and attachments directly into the specific customer files and their specific fields

"Looks and feels like Outlook with some very innovative never seen before features"

3G Business email management system looks and feels like Outlook and provides you with some very innovative never seen before features like Function/Department based emailing that allows you to run your whole business with 1 single email address while it manages who should receive what and when.

It enables you to centralise ALL messaging including, Email, Fax, SMS, VMS and Web Forms to and from ALL Customers and Staff. Never misplace another message or attachment. Email scanned docs, pictures and other attachments to 3G Business CRM and watch it automatically file them in the appropriate customer file. Imagine you could View and Search “ALL” Company, Department, X-Box, My and Personal Messages within the whole entire company!

The Benefits of Office365 & Gmail Without the Drawbacks!

The 3GB Messaging system is unique in many ways in-fact it’s the only messaging system with all the Pros and without any of the Cons of Gmail and Office365. To deliver this world first we developed a number of complex algorithms that combined with some innovative features will enable your business to do away with user based email accounts and introduce more efficient ways of working with, automatically filling, auto distribution of messages throughout the whole organization whilst ensuring they are all dealt with in an acceptable timely manner.

It simplifies and automates the way SMB’s (small and medium sized businesses) implement, view, manage, store and respond to client messages within the entire organization. With new enquiries automatically creating customer files, messages intelligently distributed to the most appropriate person/s plus innovative never seen before features.

The following are the Pros and Cons with Office365 and Gmail:

Email Automation pros and cons with Office365 and Gmail

If you’re looking for a messaging system that has ALL the benefits of Office 365 and Gmail without the drawbacks, the innovative 3G Business Messaging system won’t disappoint.


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