3G Vision: The Best Clinic Management Software

Clinic management systems are specially designed computer software products that coordinate and integrate all the essential activities involved in the administration and running of skin and laser clinics. It essentially supports the ideology of “One patient, one record” through a smooth flow of information between varied treatments and the clinic system and promotes continual engagement and partnership for better treatment outcomes. It automates activities such as patient care, scheduling, billing, claims processing and other related operations for the clinical practices. By conjoining office workflows, doctors and clinical practitioners can spend more time with patients and lesser time on clerical and admin tasks. Clinic Management applications can be used by private practices, clinic businesses, long term care and behavioural health facilities and other health care organizations.

The cosmetic industry has undergone huge developments in the past few decades and the need for a process automation is high. There are multiple actions and procedures happening simultaneously that it becomes mandatory to incorporate technological assistance in handling them. A Clinic Management software leverages the cloud technologies in full while offering flexibility, cost-saving, fast service, ease of accessibility and sustainability.  It can be employed in all forms of health service providers – ranging from independent practitioners to clinics to established clinic franchisers. With the expansion of the operations, the software automatically scales itself to the provider’s increasing needs without the user having to provide for it. The software is easy to use, at its fullest, right from day one. It requires no initial expenses on hardware, equipment or workforce. This integration system runs on a highly optimized software is maintained, updated and configured in the cloud by skilled IT experts. The users are hence spared from the burden of engaging in any day-to-day activities that go into running it. The admin can decide who is to be granted access to the data and accordingly, anyone can access the necessary data stored in the cloud, from anywhere at any time. They can also use smartphones, tablets, phablets, laptops, notebooks, desktops etc over the internet for this purpose. Data security is one of the striking aspects of a Clinic Management System – it is easy to recover all the data and files from any on-site disaster. Here, the data is stored in the cloud, where it remains safe and is continuously backed up.

At 3G Vision, we offer one of the best Clinic Management Systems in Australia. It is a two-way integrated programme that facilitates both the patient and the doctor, hospital or medical institution. Our formula to the Clinic Management Software is ‘fit it and forget it’. Easily installable, the software functions with no manual interventions require. We provide a total IT hosting and operational service based on cloud computing technology, which eliminates all the hassles caused by traditional hardware and software upgrades, breakdowns and obsolescence. Right from patient registration to follow up to billing to even insurance formalities are scheduled and run by the system. It maintains a record of the patients, which include personal details, visits to the hospitals, health and medical history, medication, surgery details and more.

The fully automated process of our Clinic Management Software leaves no room for any error and mistakes which were earlier common in the manual method of clinical management. One of the major advantages of this automation is time and cost-cutting. There are no more endless waits in queues, struggling to find treatment notes, scripts and other facilities and takes away the burden of storing and carrying piles of documents and records.

Addressing the need to cut down paper use, this system eliminates all the antsy paperwork and records and stores data in an electronic format. The system integrated with the calendar and the availability of the doctors before scheduling appointments so that there is no inconvenience. It employs a powerful search engine to set up an appointment for the patient. The software also assists the staff in knowing the availability of the rooms for the patient’– everything at the click of a button. The follow-up feature of the software sends alerts and reminders using SMSs and emails wherein it notifies the patients about the future appointments and schedules. The software includes a queue-calling module. With this, patients can check how fast the queue is moving and when their turn is at any location. Coming to inventory of the medical clinic, it keeps a track of the products, equipment, instruments and other necessary items in the stock. The system automatically generates expiry alerts for the drugs in stock ensuring that there removed timely and replenished with new stock. Integrating with the financial management systems, it assists in accurate medical billing to the patients. There is seamless connectivity with the top accounting software, which eases the tasks of accountants.

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