How can a Small Business CRM Help you?

“The main problem with small businesses is they waste a lot of time and money doing things the hard way, leaving little to no time or resources to cost effectively grow.”

– E De Sousa, MD 3G Vision

Small businesses are going to love the number of labour-saving features that will streamline and greatly increase their business productivity. With a range of CRM solutions, including process automation, email automation, marketing automation and sales CRM platforms, we’ve curated one of the best small business CRM systems available. Best of all, it doesn’t stop there. Over the past 10 years, we at 3G Vision have learnt that it takes a lot more than just software to help a small business succeed – that’s why we provide you not only with a complete suite of software tools and applications, but with all the necessary professional services to help you overcome the 3 main challenges in building a healthy sustainable business that you can cost effectively grow:

1. Streamline the day-to-day tasks and processes – greatly increase productivity and reduce the overall cost of doing business.
2. Increase Repeat Business – maximise the number of sales to each and every customer, which will effectively increase sales without increasing costs.
3. Get more customers – automate lead nurturing so you never waste another lead and use the AutoPilot Marketing system to get more customers each and every day.

Effortless Management

Streamline time-consuming processes with our CRM solutions for small businesses. Let our software manage your call centre tasks, actions and workflow processes, giving you and your staff more time to focus on what matters.

Action Management

Sick of missing deadlines? An action management system can tell your staff what to do, when to do it and how to do it. In some cases, it can even do the task for them! Enjoy more time to grow your business with 3G Business automation software.

Global Notifications

With global notifications, you’ll get a quick snapshot view of all communications across your business, including emails, faxes, SMS messages, voicemail messages, web forms, customer enquiries and internal messages. Furthermore, all messages are automatically filed under their respective customer files, with automatic notifications and personalised responses sent out.

Workflow Management

How can you get the best out of your CRM software? By setting up the steps in your business workflow and adding automatic triggers in order to generate emails, sms, documents etc. The 3G Business CRM software for small businesses walks you through your possible options and automatically performs the next steps for you, making life a breeze.

Click-to-Call with Skype

Skype has made business communications easy; 3G Business makes them even easier. Having built one of the best CRM systems for small businesses, our software automates your Skype calls for you, enables you to enter notes relating to the call, and sends out automatic emails, SMS messages or faxes.

“We were looking for a more efficient way to run our business, we came across 3G Business and after the demo we were hooked. They set-up 3GB for our business, helped us build and automate our finance process, and from that moment we knew our business was going to change. First we noticed that each staff member could do a lot more, in fact we measured it and discovered a productivity increase of approx. 500%. Within as little as 3 months our monthly revenue increased by 300% and now we are looking at expanding nationally. All this was made possible by 3G Business, we absolutely love it and highly recommend it.”

– S. Stapleton, CWA Finance Manager

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