3G Business is an All-in-One business system with CRM, sales, marketing and business automation that comes with a full suite of next generation business tools. It is a 3rd Gen business system delivered via Application Convergence on an All-in-One sales and marketing platform.  3GB will Increase Sales, Reduce Costs and Maximise your profits. To find out more read below or watch a demo.

NextGen CRM

Intuitive and Easy to Learn

All-in-one sales and marketing system with a single office 2010 look and feel user interface, no need for other 3rd party applications.

No Need for Expensive Engineers

All apps talk to one another, Emails can create and update customer files, reminders can create and send SMS, completed web forms can create pdf documents…

Eliminate Mundane Repetitive Task

All apps in 1 DB and 1 DB in all apps – Imagine all your customer data was automatically available in your emails, faxs, sms and letters. (No more copy and paste, no more update this and update that, no more look for this or search for that…)

Logical Customer Centric View

View everything within the customer file, Contact details, Marketing opt-ins and outs, Hundreds of customisable fields, Business Workflow, Jobs and Services, Documents and Pictures, All Sent and Received messages, All Sales, Payments, Customer Balances and Accounts

Logical Company Centric View

View everything from a User or Company Perspective, Tasks and Actions, Global Notifications, Jobs and Services, Sent and Received Messages, All Calendars, Contact Database, Accounts, Reports and Dashboard.

AutoPilot Marketing

Never Waste a Lead

Lead Nurturing will nurture your leads until they are ready to buy.

Attract More Customers

Let our marketing s/w convert leads in to prospects so your staff can focus on converting prospects in to customers.

Increase repeat business

by automating cross-sell campaigns, value based offers, seasonal promotions, special offers and birthday campaigns.

Close More Sales

Close More Sales

by automating admin and mundane repetitive tasks, frees up time to spend with new and existing customers.

Simplify Sales

"Make it easier to sell and they will sell more" – by automating your sales processes you will simplify sales enabling your sales team to sell more.

Manage your Sales

Let our software manage each and every stage of your sales process, with auto workflow, auto tasks, actions and reminders.

Document Management


The creation, saving, sending and printing of all word and pdf documents.

Dynamic Docs

Build your document templates and automate.

Auto Store

Auto Doc Management of all documents that are created, sent and received.

Paperless Office

Automatically create customer specific doc for signing on iPad and automate the management of those docs (iPad places docs directly in the customer file).

Centralised Calendar

Shared Calendars

View, manage and edit all company and resource calendars.

Auto Appointments

Automatically generate customer appointments doing away with manual appointment creation.

Appointment Confirmations

Automate appointment confirmations with SMS confirmations.

Appointment Status

By viewing the calendar appointments at a single glance you can identify what appointments have been confirmed, completed and paid for.


NextGen Messaging


All company and customer messaging including, Email, Fax, SMS, VMS and Calls. Never miss another message with user/function based messaging.

Messaging X-Box

Centralise and manage all un-allocated messages.

Maximise Productivity

with innovative NextGen clients for Email, Fax and SMS.

360° Messaging

View and search ALL sent and received messages for the entire company.

Auto Attach

Let our software automatically manage all admin related to sent and received messages.


Our messaging template editors to create Email, Fax, SMS and document templates by automating their creation, sending and printing.

Job/Services System

Track and Manage

Your job and services, process, actions and tasks.

Bookings and Appointments

Automate your bookings and manage via one central calendar.

Field Staff Notifications

Push important job service data directly to your field staff’s mobile devices.


Manage job/services quotes invoices, receipts and customer accounts and balances.

Manage and Store

All job related information, messages, documents, actions, tasks and hundreds of customisable fields directly within each individual job.

NextGen Business Tools

Increase productivity

with the full suite of sales and marketing tools, NextGen clients and template editors. No need for other 3rd party tools and applications which are costly to buy own and maintain and introduce inefficiencies such as duplication of effort.

Streamline Sales

"Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?" - You're going to love our 3rd Generation editors: Word, email, Fax and SMS Clients plus more. You will be amazed by our MS Office 2010 like clients, with never seen before features that will greatly increase your productivity.

Workflow Management


ALL your business processes and greatly increase productivity.

Automate Lead Distribution

Automate the management and distribution of all your leads.

Build and Automate

You sales pipeline and let our software manage what should be done, when it should be done and who should do it.

Design and Automate

Your job/services processes and make sure things get done on time every time.



Sell With Confidence

Provide your sales people with a full view of previous invoices, payments and outstanding balances.

Auto Invoices and Receipts

Enable auto email invoices and receipts and never worry about printing or emailing invoices and receipts.

End Of Day

Enable fast and easy till balancing at the end of each day.

Customer Accounts

Manage customer accounts, balances and payments.

1 Click Generation

and sending of quotes, invoices and receipts via fax and email.

Email Parser

Analyse emails and web form data and extract specific information. Place extracted data into specific fields of your 3GB database and use to trigger events like send personalised emails, faxes, SMS, print letters, add reminders and even generate actions.

Extract Data

from web forms, email enquiries and partner emails.


the creation of customer files and lead distribution.

Trigger Personalised

emails, faxes and sms responses. (With dynamic attachments)

Automatically Create, Save, Print and Send

pdf and word docs with extracted data.


any workflow item, automate lead management.


Automation Engine


The 3GB Automation Engine delivers 4 levels of automation throughout the full suite of tools and applications. Most systems ONLY provide system automation or process automation features but CANT provide staff automation features due to them relying on 3rd Party apps such as MS Word, Outlook etc… 3GB delivers 4 levels of automation by providing the full suite of tools and applications:

For Manual Staff Use
With numerous single click automation features for staff use.
For system automation, which are controlled by system triggers.
With single and multi-process automation, which can be controlled by business workflow processes.


NextGen Add-ons


3GB has a number of add-ons to satisfy the needs of most businesses:

3GB Web

Provide mobile and web access to your mobile field staff and your customers.

Messaging Server

Simplify the management of your messaging accounts.

Exchange Integration

Maximise the investment of your existing business infrastructure.


Enables you to centralise all company data and simplify the expansion of your multi-site/franchise business

iPad Docs

Do away with paper docs and simplify the creation, signing and attaching of signed docs


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free. If you’re not happy with 3G Business for any reason, simply let us know (via email) and we’ll happily refund your monthly subscription.

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“3GBusiness automated our accounts, simplified the management and scheduling of jobs and enabled us to implement a paperless office. I especially love the auto invoices and the fact that all jobs are automatically synched to the Service Techs mobile phones. Basically 3G Business reduced our operational costs by 60%.”

– Mark Stachnik, CEO & Founder – Drymaster