3G Vision: Envisioning the future of Financial CRM

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a strategy envisioned to manage an organisation’s relationships with existing and potential customers. It conducts a data analysis on customers’ history with a particular organisation and renders strategies to improve business relations with customers, primarily focusing on customer retention, thereby generating better revenue.

CRM for financial planners is a similar system that acts as a social and collaborative wealth management platform to build an advisory practice. It aids the organisation in collecting, collating and collaborating the financial data of your customers to predict future trends by analysing their past transactions. The finance department is the most important team in any organisation. Handling massive amounts of data, the database of this division is bound to be extensive. The finance team is obviously inter-connected with several other internal teams, external parties and stakeholders. The data is crucial and highly confidential and this calls for the need for an expert CRM for financial planners. We at 3G Vision have formulised impeccable CRM for finance and accounting companies that facilitate your business model.

The more you know your customers, the better you will be able to provide them with the kind of positive experience that they expect. A CRM software employs an advanced organisational technology that can not only accurately quantify and categorise data for easy future reference but can also make that data available across processes in the same organisation. It allows you to store an extensive list of customers and any important information regarding them.

CRM makes detailed customer information transferable and accessible to whomever might need it. Being cloud-based and usable from any device with internet connectivity, the communication benefits of mobile CRM are not limited to just the office In the event of any customer grievance, your organisation will be able to retrieve all available business activity and details concerning past purchases and preferences that might assist them in deriving a solution. With CRM, customer support becomes a breeze. Besides the core operations of any business, there are several other smaller tasks that must be completed for everything to function properly. Activities such as filling of forms, sending of reports and addressing legal issues are the ancillary chores that are time-consuming yet vital to the organisation. The CRM systems are designed to take the weight of many of these tasks off your manual workforce with the help of automation. This means better focus and efforts towards closing leads and resolving customer issues. With the automation and centralisation of data, which is accessible across the organisation, every department can seamlessly work together to improve the overall productivity of the organisation. Customising your dashboard helps in to quickly spotting information and with better reporting data, you can make effective decisions to reap the rewards in customer loyalty, goodwill and long-term profitability.

In our foresight, we at 3G Vision have predicted the increasing varied needs and have created the best CRM plan for accountants. The growth of an organisation or business is majorly dependent on its market decisions and investment of funds. Our financial CRM plans automatically analyse available data – customer purchase patterns, history of business, financial elements etc. and suggest the best possible plan that will prove to be successful. All the activities aligned with this process is easily automated thereby decreasing manual interaction. The inbuilt artificial intelligence algorithm analyses the data carefully and submits strategies for future investments. These strategies are derived based on the latest modern technology and are constantly updated to match up with evolving trends and market scenarios. All the details of the customers, partners and stakeholders are recorded in the system, which can be easily downloaded at any point in time. Linking the email communications and calendar to CRM software, one can also automate the sending of emails and other communication through a set of standing instructions. The exceptional Accounting Practice Management software included in this CRM program simplifies all accounting deals. From everyday financial transactions to large-scale business deals, all can be automated and delivered seamlessly. The system is compatible across formats and can be easily integrated with business development tools and apps.

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