3G Business is an All-in-One business system with CRM, sales, marketing and business automation built for any business. It has everything you need to attract more customers, grow your sales, sell with ease and greatly increase your business productivity. Combined with a full suite of NextGen business tools (unlike other systems) there is no need for other 3rd party tools and applications which introduce inefficiencies.

Below are some of the industries where 3GB has been used.

Call Centre CRM

You’re going to love the number of labour saving features that will streamline and greatly increase your call centres productivity. From a customer file that literally stores everything related to a customer to auto emails, faxes, SMS, letters and auto admin. Your call centre staff are going to love it and you won’t know how you previously coped without 3G Business.

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In-House Sales CRM

A sales system that your sales team is going to love. At 3G Vision we believe that if you make it easier to sell your sales team will sell more. Automate your sales process, let your leads create your customer files, let our marketing system convert leads into prospects and existing customers into repeat buyers. Our software is like giving each sales person a virtual sales assistant.

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Service CRM

If you’re a Service company you understand the importance of getting things done on time every time. With auto appointments, sms confirmations and the ability to push appointment data directly to your field staff’s mobile devices, your customers are going to love it. Our Software will greatly improve your staffs’ productivity by automating the mundane repetitive tasks.

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Clinics CRM Software

3GB Clinics CRM manages your therapists and the sophisticated medical equipment enabling you and your staff to focus on your customers. The normal day to day functions of a clinic such as leads, sales, customer enquiries, bookings, confirmations, payments, receipts, client data, pictures, marketing and accounts are all managed by 3GB Clinics CRM freeing up time to provide more treatments.

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