It’s simple, the key to business success is to maximise productivity and efficiency in sales and marketing, enabling you to greatly increases profits which provides extra capital to hire the best and out market your competition.

Businesses Workflow to Maximise Productivity And Efficiency!

If you’re launching a new business or simply trying to grow an existing one, in this day and age you MUST look at ways to maximise productivity and efficiency in each and every department of your business. The easiest and most simple way to achieve this is by implementing a business automation system.

“3G Business Automation enables you to simplify and automate most if not all of your sales, marketing, admin and accounts tasks and processes, ultimately greatly increasing productivity whilst maintaining the highest levels of efficiency”

Having helped hundreds of companies automate and simplify the tasks and processes in the various departments of their business, it has become clear that most business go about business automation in the wrong way. They first start by automating the tasks and processes in the accounts department and the question I always ask is WHY?

How will that help you sell more or  get you more customers?

When implementing business automation its important you initially focus on your profit centres, such as sales and marketing tasks and processes, as this will allow you to sell more for less, generating new revenue and increasing profits that enables you to further develop and improve your business. Whereas by focusing on accounts (Cost Centre) all you achieve is improved tax compliance and easier and faster way to complete your accounts, meaning you reduce the costs of your book keeper or accountant which provides a very small impact.

Connect your leads to your business processes

When implementing the 3G Business Automation System we start by connecting all your Leads / Enquiries directly to the 3G Business System. Be it web leads or even leads from partner referrals or other associated companies that introduce new business, with the 3GB Email Parser you can connect virtually any lead, enquiry or referral delivered via email directly to the 3GB Business system.

These leads will automatically create new customer files and populate all the information in the specific fields in the database for that specific customer. It will then generate a New Customer Enquiry Action and automatically allocate that action to the most appropriate sales rep and then generate an automatic response informing the customer that they can expect a call from that specific sales rep and if required with an attachment of a specific brochure or a custom document like a quote. All done automatically without anyone lifting a finger.

Connect any email directly to your business processes

Connect any email directly to your business processes

Templates for Everything

Templates for Everything: Emails, SMS, Letters, Documents, Quotes, Invoices, Appointments plus more…

One of the first steps in Business Automation is creating templates, email templates, SMS templates and all other types of templates. These templates allow a user or a step in a process to generate emails, SMS’s or other types of documents that are populated with customer specific information, making each and every task easier, faster and much more efficient to complete for ALL your staff members.

The 3G Business Automation System comes with office like apps (Word, Excel, Outlook Email, Outlook Appointments…) that have in-built template editors that make it extremely easy to create your business templates.

3GB Word Template Editor (Just paste a doc,select the DB fields and format like word)

Because 3G Business is an all in one business system all these templates can be used by your staff, your 1 click and automated processes, your workflow, your autopilot marketing campaigns and your auto responses. Most other systems require 2 to 4 template versions due limited or no integration between various apps and or systems.

Business Email Automation

3GB Email Client – Watch the thousands of client fields automatically placed precisely where you want, with both dynamic and static attachments

When you see these templates in action you will be amazed, not only do they greatly increase your productivity they also deliver the highest levels of efficiency as all templates will be authorised by you, eliminating poorly written emails, SMS’s and other documents. Think about it! how many tasks do your staff complete that are repetitive? In most business nearly, all tasks are repetitive because we are constantly selling the same products and services, the only thing that changes is if they’re green, red, small, large or if the client wants 1 or 2.

Workflow and Business Process Automation

One of the most important elements in Business Automation is designing your business processes and building them within the 3G Business Workflow Management System. You can rest assured that we have built one of the easiest workflow management systems, so easy that in most implementations all we do is help you draw your business workflow diagram and then we train your receptionist to create that workflow in the 3G Business System. As part of this training we show them how to create triggers so that your business processes can automatically generate and send emails, sms, appointments and many other types of documents.

By building these templates and creating business workflow processes with specific triggers, most businesses see an increase productivity of up to 500% in as little as the first 3 months.

Creating business workflow processes with triggers is child’s play

AutoPilot Marketing

Finally, we show you how to use the 3G Business AutoPilot Marketing System to:

  • Implement lead nurturing campaigns so that when your leads are ready to buy, they buy from you.
  • Implement Interaction Based Up-Sell and Cross-sell campaigns so that your customers are provide with valuable deals they can’t resist at precisely the correct time.
  • Implement many other marketing campaigns that can be triggered by thousands of different events such as last purchase date, last visit, total spend, birthday, any step in your business process plus many, many more.

AutoPilot Marketing Wizard - Doesnt get any easier than this!

AutoPilot Marketing – Doesn’t get easier than this!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free. If you’re not happy with 3G Business for any reason, simply let us know (via email) and we’ll happily refund your monthly subscription.

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“We First noticed that each staff member could do a lot more, in fact we measured it and discovered a productivity increase of approx. 500%. Within as little as 3 months our monthly revenue increased by 300% and now we are looking at expanding nationally. All this was made possible by 3G Business, we absolutely love it and highly recommend it.”

– Premier Auto Group, Head of Finance