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Next Generation CRM platforms need to offer full customisation. With the number of flexible design tools and components for .net and other development platforms there are no excuses for CRM providers not to offer truly simple customisation tools that can be used by non IT minded individuals.

Both business that are different and ones that have similarities deserve the right to customise their business process and workflow management to achieve business efficiency and differentiation. When implementing a CRM solution it is important to customise the CRM application to your business, not customise your business to suit your CRM.

What modules need to be customisable?

To a certain extent all CRM modules should have a certain amount of customisation. If we consider any small to medium size business, there are a number of areas they would ideally like to customise. For example unless they can customise the following they will have to resort to using Copy and Paste, Word, Excel, ms Outlook and other manually intensive software tools that slows down customer service, increases operational costs and ultimately reduces your profits. The following is a brief list of the areas required to customise when driving the highest levels of efficiency:

  • Contact Management data fields
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Lead Management
  • Action/Tasks Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Event Triggers
  • Quotes, Invoices, Letters, Faxes, emails & SMS (For each individual customer)
  • Messaging System

Being able to customise the above will enable you to maximise your customer service experience ultimately delivering tools to GREATLY enhance Customer Relationship Management.

When considering CRM Customisation it is important to remember that all customers are different. Delivering customised personalised services to your customers will enable you to constantly keep one step ahead of your competitors.  This means that potentially your processes, workflow and communications need to be individualised to each specific customer. Every customer wants to be treated as an individual and if we are to enhance our customer relationships we need to know what, when and how they want their product or service.

Last but not least is your organisations human factor. Most organisations work best when you implement Specialisation and Division of Labour.  Behind the scenes most business utilise numerous staff and processes to deliver what the customer sees as a GREAT EXPERIENCE.

To summarise CRM Customisation is not a luxury it’s an absolute necessity, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you invest in the right solution. Every CRM solution has a certain level of customisation but not many can be truly configured by non IT minded users meaning you don’t have to spend tens of thousands on expensive integration, customisation and development.

So when considering a CRM business solution make sure it is customisable if you want to maximise business efficiency, staff retention, customer relationships and company profits.

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