How to simplify and reduce the cost of selling?

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3G Business –  April Newswire #2


In the last newsletter we covered that in a recessionary period the challenge is to sell more whilst reducing costs. We also mentioned that the most cost effective way to achieve this is to introduce sales automation tools which will simplify the job of selling thus your sales team will sell more.

How do we simplify and reduce the cost of selling?

To simplify the job of selling we need to look at the sales stages and the tasks performed at each stage. In most businesses the sales stages can be summarised as:

1. Generate Leads.
2. Explore the Need.
3. Define the Requirements.
4. Propose the Solution.
5. Close the Deal.

If we look at the tasks within the above sales stages for remote customers, they may be:

* Enter customer data into database or other
* Send customer, emails, faxes, letters and SMS reminders
* Receive customer emails, faxes, letters and SMS
* Generate and chase quote
* Provide product or service
* Chase payment

Thus if you want to simplify the job of selling you need to implement a Sales Automation Solution that addresses how to automatically:

* Connect leads directly to customer database
* Create and Store Sales templates for emails, faxes, letters and SMS
* Connect customer  emails, faxes, letters and SMS directly to customer db file
* Automatically generate a quote from previously captured data
* Automatically generate auto follow-up reminders for sales and customers

When looking for a Sales Automation Solution it is important to look for a solution that delivers most of your requirements in a single application if possible, thus eliminating the need for expensive integration and the cost of ownership.

So in the journey of increasing sales and reducing costs thus far we have looked at maximising sales productivity and simplifying sales through sales automation. The other area we need to explore is the channels to market, which ones you are currently using and can they be improved.

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