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3G Vision – March Newswire

Welcome to the 3G Vision Newswire. During the month of February 3G Vision has been very busy launching a new web site and preparing for the launch of 3GB V3.2

We would like to thank all existing customers for spreading the word about the 3GB business benefits, as February has been a record month. We value your suggestions and opinions and encourage feedback and new feature ideas. Please feel free to email me directly on details below.

New 3GB Web Site

3G Business has launched a new web site making it easier for our customers to find information. We would love your feedback, lets us know what you like and would like us to improve. Feedback

3G Business Value

3GB Value / Benefits
Achieve your business potential 3GB will help you maximise your growth, productivity and profitability.
Serve more customers 3GB will help you increase your front end sales productivity anything from 50% to 300%
Familiar & Friendly Graphical User Interface Easy to Use, Easy to Learn as it’s very similar to Microsoft products you are familiar with.
Ability to Customise to your business Customise 3GB yourself and save tens of thousands. No need for expensive IT Consultants.
Auto create customers All imported data plus all 3GB formatted web forms will automatically create customers saving thousands on repetitive mundane admin tasks
Create your own personalised Templates Provide a personalised and consistent high quality customer service by using the Email, Fax, SMS and Letter template system.

3GB Pricing

For as little as $50 per user per month your business can achieve its full business potential. For more information

3GB Free Trial

3G Vision is currently offering a Free Trial Install to new 3GB customers. If you would like to take up this offer please complete the following form by clicking the following link

Select the type of trial and we will provide you access to our download area. For more information

3GB CRM V3.2 New Features

A number of features have been added to 3GB CRM V3.2 for a brief description please visit:

3GB CRM V3.2 Features


For more information or to contact us please click the following:



“Do more with 3G Business!”


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