How to get leads for free?

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One of the biggest challenges in most business is increasing sales. To increase sales you need to increase customers. The following are a few tried and tested methods that can be used to generate more leads which then we convert into customers.

What is Application Convergence and will it be a Technology Revolution?

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If we look at every technology revolution it brings about a number of common benefits which can be summarised as: Cheaper Faster Better Easier Smaller

The Main Reason to buy CRM?

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A lot of people buy a CRM solution because they know another business that successfully uses one or they just simply need a customer database. It is important to note that all CRM solutions are different especially when we consider interoperability with your existing and future systems.

The Truth About Win and Web Based CRM

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Speed of application use Probably the key for all business’s and the reason that more than 80% of the CRM market is still application based. If you have x amount of people using the system for X amount of time,  you will have to understand that this is costing you up to 30% more because

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Everything You Wanted To Learn About Customer Service Software

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Any ecommerce store will know that sustaining a good business relationship with customers is probably one of the toughest tasks. Since the online world does not provide scope for personal interaction with customers as you never get to ‘see’ them, all you have is superior customer service to forge long lasting relationships with customers and

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Windows CRM More Cost Effective than Hosted CRM

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Any good business owner knows the importance of CRM applications. However, if there’s one thing that needs to be answered even before you decide to invest in one, it’s this: should you have it hosted or in-house?

Small Business Email Challenges

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Let’s face it, there are not many days that go by that we don’t send or receive an email, in fact it is estimated that there is 144.8 billion emails generated every business day (data from IDC).

Why Sales Managers Let Down Sales Targets And How Sales Management Software Can Help

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Managing sales staff performance remains one of the critical aspects, which can either make or break a sales manager’s success. Most sales managers think that nothing much has changed when it comes to staff management but this is wrong. These days, sales automation has become a key component of any marketing and sales team. Not

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Why A Holistic Lead Management System Is Crucial For Any Business

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Lead management refers to the holistic set of processes, which encompass business practices, methodologies as well as various systems, which work together generation of new income. This is facilitated by engaging new clients and business partnerships as well as their individual responses to various marketing and advertising techniques. With a lead management system, the processes

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Which CRM Solution?

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The internet has thousands of sites with guides and tips on what to consider when choosing a CRM solution. This article attempts to be unbiased towards the different areas that you need to consider before making the right decision.