Web Vs on-site CRM?

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Web based CRM is also known as hosted CRM and is a new form of cost effective CRM delivery. These systems usually have poor user interface and are proprietary systems. It is very difficult and expensive to have custom development on web based CRM.  On-site CRM is also know as windows based CRM, which through the introduction of .net it has become easier and less expensive to provide a much richer user interface with numerous features slowly doing away with numerous disparate systems. (1 system for all front-end which is the future of CRM i.e. 3rd Generation CRM)

The following are the Pros and cons to Web based CRM.


  • Easy to set-up
  • No server required
  • Usually cheaper
  • Low in-house maintenance
  • Easier to deploy updates and fix’s


  • Data is off site (Need Security Guarantees, Redundancy etc.)
  • Competitors can have same capabilities
  • Limited business automation tools
  • Totally dependent on service provider and internet connectivity
  • Expensive to interface into existing or new systems, Messaging, Product and Accounts ( 1 system for all)
  • You don’t own the database you lease it
  • Biggest problem – you house your most important asset under someone else’s responsibility making it impossible to simplify all companies IT systems.

To summarise web based CRM is easier for the CRM vendor not the CRM user. Find the correct CRM vendor make them understand your issues, concerns and requirements and make sure they deliver a solution specific for your business.

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