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The internet has thousands of sites with guides and tips on what to consider when choosing a CRM solution. This article attempts to be unbiased towards the different areas that you need to consider before making the right decision.

Every business is different and when considering a CRM or customer database solution I recommend evaluating the following in order to make your decision.

Below is a list of questions with their pros and cons giving the newbie a better idea about choosing a CRM solution successfully.

The first and the most important aspect would be what type of business is your business?

What type of business is your business?

This is the first question any business consultant should ask.

Does your business sell products or services?

Does your business sell via a shop front, telesales, sales reps or a combination?

Where does your business leads come from; phone, fax, email, web or walk in?

What is the length of your sales cycle?

The above is just a short list of questions that need to be considered when looking at a CRM or customer database solution. There are too many systems out there that focus on sales reporting meaning that the poor sales person spends numerous hours feeding data into a system purely for sales reports. Sales people should be selling not data entering!

Once you understand the type of business that requires the CRM solution then you need to look at the main characteristics of the available CRM Solutions. The following is a brief list of the main high level characteristics that you need to consider.

Web based or On-site?

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The main reason to buy CRM?

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CRM mistakes can be costly. Make sure the CRM provider it’s all about your business and the CRM Solution is all about your customers.

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