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Should CRM manage email?

By lizCategory: CRM, Email Challenges

Quite a lot of businesses rely on CRM today in order to increase the efficiency, cost effectiveness and productivity of their business. Since emails and mobiles are used very widely in businesses today for communicating with business clients, customers, employees within the organization, CRM should also offer email management services. In fact, one of the

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Six Ideas for Next Generation CRM

By adminCategory: CRM

I was browsing the web and I came across an interesting article Six Ideas for Next Generation CRM by Graham Hill. I found this article quite interesting so I added my response which I have provided below:

More Than Just CRM

By lizCategory: CRM

Normally, if a business is struggling, we always put the blame more on something than on someone. So if you are running a CRM solution, whether it is hosted or in-house, you would probably say that the system is not working out well for you. Then you start to regret the high cost of investment

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How To Make Your Business Recession Proof With CRM Systems

By lizCategory: CRM

The economy is just about beginning to look up for businesses. However, that does not mean that things are easy just yet. Customers are just about emerging from their shopping hibernation and if you want to retain your old customers as well as attract new ones, investing in customer database software is the key.

How The Right Business CRM Tools Can Bring Down Barriers

By lizCategory: Business Tools, CRM

Businesses have walls too, which separate departments, marketing strategies as well as employees. It is only with proper high quality business crm systems that such barriers can be broken down effectively.

How CRM Systems Help Organizations Earn More Money

By lizCategory: CRM

When it comes to customer relationship management systems, most fail to deliver as per expectations. The ultimate objective of any crm system is to identify customers, which are most profitable, streamline business processes through the workflow management software as well as enhance efficiency and reduce turnaround times. If you are finding it difficult to get

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Getting Your Crm Project To Be Within Budget

By lizCategory: CRM

When it comes to ensuring that crm systems and the projects stick to the budget, many companies fail in this respect. Some organizations assume that they need to have a very stringent budget while others tend to start off with very high budget allocations. However, setting down budget goals means considering the following four aspects.

Five Essential Tips Before You Select Lead Generation CRM’s

By lizCategory: CRM, Lead Generation

There are restrictions when it comes to getting leads from conventional marketing approaches like web analytics or email marketing. This is where lead management crms work to bring in continuous influx of leads for the organization. Not only do these solutions providing reporting capabilities but they also facilitate business automation of leads to enable sales

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Five Crucial CRM System Trends That All Businesses Should Know

By lizCategory: CRM, Small Business Software

Crm systems have sure come a long way since they were first initiated. However, the crm the future has many things in store for it. Here are some of the biggest trends you can expect to see within a couple of years.

Find Out If CRM Systems Are Meant For Small Businesses

By lizCategory: CRM, Small Business Software

Most small businesses have this belief that most crm solutions are meant for the large scale corporations. They think that crm solutions for small business do not exist. However, the real fact is that there are many best customizable crm for small business companies.