Six Ideas for Next Generation CRM

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I was browsing the web and I came across an interesting article Six Ideas for Next Generation CRM by Graham Hill. I found this article quite interesting so I added my response which I have provided below:

Hi Graham,

I really enjoyed reading your article, your views combined with Patty’s are a breath of fresh air..

I would like to add 2 dimensions to Next Gen CRM:

1. Next Gen CRM System need to be all about the INDIVIDUAL customer, they need to focus more on the buying process instead of the selling process. How many CRM systems still focus on the sales pipeline and its value? There is a definite shift towards viewing the customer from THEIR needs and wants and allowing the customers to define the creation and evolution of our new products and services.

2. Next Gen CRM systems will be all about technology convergence. Integration is now clearly 2nd Generation Too Complex and Too Expensive. How many CRM applications integrate with this and with that? The fact that they integrate means you need to purchase other software applications, and in most cases pay for the integration and maintenance. Next Gen CRM applications will deliver all front-end sales tools in a single application. This means cheaper to buy and own, easier to learn and use and faster to configure and make your own. The above 2 dimensions combined with a new way of working with your customers will bring about the Next Gen CRM.

In my view:
* 1st Generation systems were about information and digitisation
* 2nd Generation systems were all about knowledge
* 3rd Generation systems will be all about intelligence (Which I define as Knowledge with action)

CRM systems should not only hold ALL the information and also segment and present it in a knowledge form but most importantly it should help define the appropriate ACTION.

I am interested in other people’s views as we have designed what we believe is the next generation CRM – We welcome ideas and opinions for the future of CRM.

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