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As the methodologies and processes in business evolve, so should the software that is being used to better manage its customers. Thus, the next-generation CRM applications are born.

The Improvements in Microsoft CRM

Microsoft is already a household name for those who are using the software for their personal use. However, the brainchild of Bill Gates is already conquering the world of small-based businesses with the introduction of their CRM applications. Recently, they have released a great improvement of their old CRM suite, which aims to meet the on-demand needs of small-time entrepreneurs.

The Upgrades that You Can Look Forward To

Microsoft hopes that the CRM system that they are going to share into the market will be much easier to use. This way, even those who are not technological savvy will still be able to apply useful technologies into their business. One of the first important upgrades that one can expect from it will be the marketing automation tools, which will allow the users to easily generate reports and come up with a real-time update of information to better manage their customers. Moreover, one will also learn to track their advertising performance, identify the strengths and weaknesses of their marketing campaigns, and effectively manage their long lists of clients.

What’s more, those who are maintaining niche markets can make use of CRM software, so they can better separate their customers based on their interests. The application is very easy to customize to fit the current needs and demands of a small-based business. The processes can be specified clearly. Lastly, you can effectively schedule your shipments and track your leads. You can easily determine which of the gathered leads have already been contacted. You can also synchronize the calendar with your Microsoft Outlook, so you don’t have to miss any important appointment with a client.

RightNow Focuses on Customization

RightNow is another major player in the field of CRM. It helps businesses design their own respective modules, based on their niche markets and the specific needs and demands of the industry that they are presently in. It also tries to offer applications at a much lower rate.

Where the Next-generation CRM Is Going

There are more and more companies who are adapting much better and easier-to-manage CRM applications in their businesses. They have understood that they are not really more of a liability but actually an asset. In fact, it is one of the very things that should be put in place and something that every sale agent should be trained handling.

A lot can be looked forward to in the CRM industry, and perhaps one of the most exciting is the convergence of the different systems. You will not only get to call your customers; but you can already receive e-mails, faxes, voice mails, and even text messages right into the software. You will not only learn how to track, but you can also assign values to each of your leads, so you can prioritize.

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