KILL Admin & Grow Your Beauty Business

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Increase Productivity by 50%, Grow Sales by 30% & Get More Customers.

3GB Clinics CRM – Get Organised, Sell More & Grow Your Business. If you have a clinic or beauty business you are more than likely using 4 to 5 different applications that are costly and HUGELY inefficient. 3GB Clinics CRM Eliminates the need for multiple applications and comes with an automation engine that enables clinics to automate most, if not all, repetitive business tasks and processes.

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apps4Get Organised – All-in-One

redtick  Kill Admin
redtick  Mng Staff, Bookings & Customers
redtick  Any Device Calendar
redtick  Auto Invoices & Accounts
redtick  Get Back More Time
redtick Grow Productivity by atleast 50%



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Sell More

  Increase Repeat Business
  Convert More Leads
  Close More Sales
  Increase Loyalty
  Sell More Packages
  Increase Sales by 30%




Grow Your Business

  Automate Marketing
  Get More Bookings
  Get New Customers
  Sell More Products
  Easier, Faster and Cheaper




If you have a Clinic or Beauty Business you have a booking system to manage bookings; you either use Outlook or Gmail to manage customer & staff emails; you use a PC or Mac to store template documents, consent forms or pictures and use word to create documents or letters which then you convert into PDF. You also are probably using a different system to manage your leads, marketing and sales.

Wouldn’t it be great if all these were on a single system? Wouldn’t it great if all these apps could talk to one another? Imagine: your Email talks to Word and tells it to write a personalised letter and attaches it to a personalised email and send. This is the power of 3GB Clinics CRM with Application Convergence – applications that talk to one another automatically. Read on and be amazed!

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3GB Clinics CRM Suite Come With: 3GB Word, Email, Fax and SMS Clients, Contact and Action Management, Case Manager, Treatment & Service Manager, Product Manager, AutoPilot Marketing with Campaign Manage, Automation Engine with Auto Business Workflow, Lead Manager and Sales Pipeline, Calendar System with Appointment Manager, Meeting Invites and SMS Confirmations, Sales, Payments & Accounts with Auto Invoices, Auto Document Generation, Management and Storage with Exchange, iPad and Google Calendar Integration.

Jim Kostakis
CEO, Australian Laser & Skin Clinics

“Implementing a new Business System for all our clinics was a serious challenge. 3GVision took care of everything from importing customer & product data to training of all staff; they did what others couldnt.”
Emanuel de Sousa
CEO, 3G Vision

“I challenge you to find a better Clinic System! 3GB Clinics CRM comes with 26 Apps and is the only Clinic System with CRM, Sales and Business Automation.



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