How to automate your Clinic Business?

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I am writing to inform you about one of the greatest developments in the skin/laser clinic industry called 3GB Clinics CRM. 3GB Clinics CRM was designed to help you automate your business and sell more products and services by leveraging its Clinic Automation Engine, the latest Generation CRM, Clinic Retail and advanced Clinic Management.

Improve your clinic business overnight by:

  • Increasing sales – Simplify & Automate Sales
  • Work smarter not harder! – Clever Automation
  • ALL apps in 1 database & 1 database in ALL apps
  • Connect web, email, fax, sms directly to your database
  • Build and automate business workflow and messaging
  • Auto Emails, Faxes, SMS, Letters, Appointments…
  • Web enquiries automatically create customer files
  • Auto response email, fax, sms and letter responses
  • Auto appointment and bookings creation & confirmation
  • Auto customer and process management
  • Minimise Costs, Maximise Productivity & Maximise Sales

Automate your Clinic: – Imagine how much better your Clinic Business would be with Auto Resource Management, (Auto Management of: Rooms, Machines, Machine Capabilities, Products/Treatments, Bookings and Appointments). Upon generating a sale, 3GB Clinics CRM automatically generates all the Treatments within the Treatment Management System. With Multi-Clinic Accounting and Auto Booking and Appointments, Auto Quotes, Auto Invoices and Auto Receipts directly linked to your accounting package 3GB Clinics CRM will prove to be your most valuable clinic business resource. Built on 3GB Enterprise CRM which is one of the most innovative Customer Relationship Management System, you will immediately realise the benefits with the Auto Emails, SMS, Letters and Auto Administration. 3GB Clinics enables you to work smarter not harder.

“Make it easier to sell and you will sell more!

Add CRM to your Clinic:– How well does your clinic manage customer relations? Are you providing world class customer service? With automated business process management 3GB Clinics CRM will automatically remind your staff; when to call your customers, when to re-book, when to collect payment. It will also automatically email and sms your customers based upon numerous events, which will enable you to automate your customer service and greatly improve you custmer relationships. Combined with the ability to automate the numerous mundane repetitive admin tasks, 3GB Clinics CRM will largely free up time enabling you to spend more time on existing and new customers which will generate further sales.

“Do more business with 3GBusiness!”

One System for ALL: – 3GB Clinics CRM is one system for all your clinic needs, it is a complete clinic management system that brings together CRM, Advanced Clinic Booking, Clinic Retail and Clinic Business Automation into a single solution. No need for: Separate systems such as: Outlook, Word, Fax, Email, SMS and document templates, separate lead management systems, costly web integration, reminders, document storage, multiple email accounts, other messaging systems, multiple servers and expensive integration plus much more… If you’re frustrated by appointments, bookings, treatment tracking, resources, client data, confirmations, sales, leads, marketing, payments, pictures, emails, sms, reminders & accounts.

“Automate your business, Minimise your costs, Maximise Productivity whilst Maximising your Profit.”
Imagine how much better your Clinic Business would be!

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