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For every business, the right type of workflow design is important if they want to ensure that their business runs in an efficient, cost effective way. There are no businesses today that can work without using the internet. In fact, when it comes to businesses, emails tend to be one of the most used business tools. Emails are used not just within the organization but are also very widely used when communicating with clients as well as customers and third parties. In larger organizations, email management tends to be one of the most difficult tasks since on any given day there are hundreds of emails that are exchanged

Considering the fact that the number of emails that are exchanged within the business are quite high, it is necessary to use a system that helps email management. With the help of CRM, email management and workflow design can be simplified. In any company, most employees spend at least an hour and sometimes even three hours managing, replying and reading their emails. If these hours are utilized in an area that would offer better productivity, the business would be able to gain better benefits.

Why is email management important?

There are quite a lot of problems that businesses face when it comes to managing emails. There are too many emails that need to be managed. The emails are all stored in different accounts so it would be quite difficult for the organization to gain access to each mail account. Finding a particular email message can also be quite difficult since there are always so many sent and received mails in an account at any time.

Also, employees always have a lot of emails that they need to reply to at any given point. Since emails are becoming increasingly formal today, employees have to ensure that each email is sent out at the right time and has just the right content. This results in a lot of time being spent behind a single customer in which it could have been possible to tap quite a lot of potential customers is the right kind of email management system and workflow design had been used.

Email management simplified with CRM

The reason so many businesses today rely on CRM is because it offers very effective email management systems. Emails can be sent out automatically, individually or to a group without having to do anything at all. Access to the messages becomes easy since all of the received as well as sent emails would be automatically saved as well as archived. The employees would no longer have to spend their time storing, attaching documents, shifting mails to the right folders or moving emails since it would all be done automatically.

You would also be able to create templates for letters, SMS, fax, emails etc. with the help of the right tools. You would be able to create messages that are personalized without having to spend too much time on it. CRM offers effective and time saving email management services.

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