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3GB Skype has arrived.

Within 3GB CRM you can now:

  • Users can set SkypeON and SkypeOFF
  • 3GB automatically launches Skype
  • 1 Click Skype to Skype calls
  • View SkypeID Online Status of single or multiple contacts
  • 1 Click calls to landline and Mobile (If you have Skype out)
  • Log all calls within each customer file and within company messaging screen
  • Store all your contacts SkypeID, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk & Yahoo Messenger details


3GB CRM Combined with Skype provides you a number of powerfull features.

3GB CRM with Skype – 1 Click Dial

With 3GB CRM with Skype you can store all your customers IM account names plus all phone, mobile, business and personal telehone numbers and then click one button to dial. Call Skype 2 Skype, view Skype online status, call mobiles, landline numbers plus much more.


With 3GB Skype you get:

  • Free 3GB Skype to Skype calls
  • Great rates to phone and mobiles
  • Leave Skype Voicemail messages
  • View SkypeID Online status
  • Plus much more

With 3GB CRM and Skype you Can:

Skype-to-Skype calls


Transfer calls to people on Skype


Video calls


Instant messaging and group IMs


Conference calls


Forward calls to people on Skype


Call phones and mobiles

See Skype for Details

Receive phone calls with an online number

See Skype for Details

Send and receive voicemails

See Skype for Details

Skype To Go number

.See Skype for Details

Forward calls to phones

See Skype for Details

Send SMS messages

See Skype for Details

Transfer calls to phones and mobiles

See Skype for Details


3GVision highly recommends the following Skype paid services:

Unlimitted World SkypeOut – To over 40 Countries (~US $12.95)

Unlimitted Country SkypeOut – To 1 Country (~US $5.95)

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