CRM: More than Opportunity Management, and Sales Reporting

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Technology can only get you far. There are, in fact, far more important things that you need to focus on to ensure that you can have your business smooth-sailing. One of these is to establish better and more effective sales management.

How to Manage Your Sales Agents with Greater Efficiency

Indeed, you may have the best CRM solution at hand, but when your sales team fails to practice customer relationship management, your investment will turn out to be useless. Thus, if you can put some money and effort into the infrastructure, you may also want to put them too in coming up with the most high-performing sales agents for a business. You can start with the following tips:

1. Develop a sales plan and get them involved. A business is definitely doomed to fail if there is no sales plan at hand. There’s no way that you can determine where the enterprise is going, and you have no means of tracking results of your marketing campaigns. However, it’s also essential that you can have your sales team involved in the sales plan process. For one, they are the ones who get to interact with customers, and thus, they can already give you information on the preferences of your target market. Moreover, you want to set up a more attainable goal, something that your sales agents can definitely achieve. There’s no point in determining sales quotas that you know are impossible to reach in the first place. It will just have a domino effect to the rest of your marketing plans. Lastly, if you have sales reports, one of the best persons who can explain the figures to you will be your sales manager or supervisor.

2. Offer your sales team adequate support. A knowledgebase or a FAQ page will be extremely useful to your sales team since they can direct their customers to these sections whenever they have inquiries. Thus, only those questions that are not covered by these knowledge portals will reach your sales agents. Sales support may also come in the form on the proper orientation to several business management tools, such as CRM, workflow, and sales force automation. This will prevent them from committing plenty of mistakes. Also, they will be able to utilize such equipment to their fullest advantage. You should also learn to invest in training and workshops, where your sales agents will learn how to handle customers more effectively, whether they are offering chat, e-mail, or phone support to them.

3. Make them accountable for their own actions. You may point out certain external factors to the cause of your low business sale or small customer growth. You may feel to realize that the problem may actually lie right inside your business: your sales team. One of the foremost reasons for this is the lack of any form of accountability. You don’t make them responsible for their own actions, which will then make them more passive in their sales approach. One of the most effective methods is to set up clear-cut policies when it comes to sales performance.

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