Are there any plans to integrate MS Word & MS Outlook?

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I came across the following blog which I found very interesting. I post my response below

Hi Jonmorgan,

I stumbled across this blog and found your opening question quite interesting.

“are there any plans to integrate MS Word & MS Outlook?”

Its quite funny that you raised that question as we at 3G Vision asked ourselves the same question 5 years ago and its due to that question that 3G Business crm was born.

Our product has an email client and a word editor very similar in design to MS Outlook and MS Word. The reason we develop our own even though I believe these 2 MS products are great products is due to some of their limitations.

When using MS Outlook for business you run into the problem of having customer data sitting in multiple employee accounts. The only way to centralise is with exchange server and public folders, which is messy and labour intensive. You also have limited mail merge features whereby you are forever copying and pasting.

When using MS Word with large Direct Mail Campaigns whereby you have to print 1000’s of personalised letters, the MS mail merge engine is very unstable. Again you have very limited capabilities in integrating into Outlook.

For these reasons plus many others we developed 3G Business CRM from ground up with its own CONVERGED Outlook and Word equivalent, also packaged are a number of modules that enable you to electronically generate, manage and store faxes, emails, SMS, quotes, letters, documents, brochures, customer data, pictures, product data, calendar items, actions, tasks, activities, appointments, sales data and accounts.

What if I told you that?

  • Your sales letters could be automatically written
  • Your faxes, emails and text messages could be automatically written and sent!
  • Your Leads could automatically create your customer files
  • Your customer files could be automatically allocated to the most appropriate sales person The sales person could be automatically notified
  • And that sales person could automatically send that prospective customer a personalised Email, Fax, Letter or SMS

Whilst his still in BED

2nd Generation business system suffer from allot of: “Do this, Do that, Update this, Update that, Copy this, Paste that, Reminder for this, Reminder for that…”

It is due to these limitations and from asking ourselves that all important question “is it possible to integrate MS Word & MS Outlook?” that led us to design 3G Business CRM.

For other important questions that has led us to deliver a revolutionary 3rd Generation business system please visit our web site

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