4 ways in which your business workflow can benefit from Skype with CRM

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A lot of businesses today are using skype with CRM in order to manage their workflow in a more efficient and a cost effective manner. Integrating skype with CRM can help you store all of the IM accounts of your customers along with their contact details like their home and office phone numbers and mobile numbers. All you would need to do is just one click in order to dial. This definitely simplifies the entire process and makes the workflow easier on your employees.

What can you do by integrating skype and CRM?

When you integrate skype with CRM, you would be able to perform quite a lot of functions very easily. You would be able to call landline numbers, cell phone numbers, call skype to skype as well as view the online status of the skype account. All of this can be done in a very cost effective manner which is what most businesses today are looking for. A program like this can be customized and tailored so that it would suit the workflow of your business. A considerable amount of time of your employees might be spent in calling customers, finding their numbers, storing the contact details etc. However, with this system, you would be able to save valuable time of your employees so that they can use it for more profitable activities.

Advantages of using skype with CRM

There are quite a lot of benefits that you can enjoy when you use skype with CRM. The first and the most important advantage is that you would be able to save a lot of your dialling time. If the sales team in your office has to make a large number of calls each day, it is important for you to simplify your workflow by integrating CRM with skype so that the calls can be easily queued up. The next call would be dialled as soon as one call is completed. There would be no lag of time between the calls so your team would be able to make more calls within their working hours.

Another benefit is that you would be able to speak to more than one customer at the same time. You could use this function for an informational call where the clients can call in, ask questions and get the answers.

Cost saving

One of the main reasons why so many businesses today use skype with CRM is because of the cost savings that it offers. Using a CRM software that offers skype would automatically earn you points for your brand name. Also, you would be able to speak to millions of customers without having to spend anything at all which is a huge benefit. Again, most customers prefer human contact rather than having to deal with technology. Using skype, your customers would be able to contact your sales and customer care team free of cost. This can be especially helpful if you cater to international customers since the calling charges for international calls are quite high.

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