What is Application Convergence and will it be a Technology Revolution?

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If we look at every technology revolution it brings about a number of common benefits which can be summarised as:

  • Cheaper
  • Faster
  • Better
  • Easier
  • Smaller

Application convergence will be no exception, it will need to deliver most if not all of the above benefits, after all we only purchase new technology if it’s cheaper, faster, better, easier or smaller.

What is the main driver for application convergence (3rd Gen Software)?

The main drivers for application convergence are productivity, the cost of INTEGRATION and the cost of maintaining 2nd Gen systems. Most businesses evolve by step by step investment in technology and eventually end up with multiple applications, which store data in multiple locations and they suffer from:

  • Copy and Paste
  • Update this and Update that
  • Do this and Do that
  • Reminder for this and reminder for that
  • Save this here and look for that where
  • Etc…

The reason they tolerate the above is either they don’t know there is a better way or the cost of integration is prohibitive.

What are the issues with Integration?

The word integration will be a yesterday technical word the same as digitisation, we had to go through the phase to learn better more efficient ways of doing things. Don’t get me wrong integration will and to a certain extent live with us for some time but in certain areas it should not exist. For example if we take a look at the front end part of a business Sales & Marketing, all the tools and applications used by these departments should be CONVERGED not integrated. Because they are NOT we ask ourselves the following questions everyday:

  • Why can’t my email access data from my database?
  • Why do I have to perform so many repetitive tasks?
  • Why do I waste so much time searching for stuff?
  • How can I focus on the customer when I have so much damn admin?

Along with the above the reason most companies resist change is that they; already have purchased 3 to 4 servers (or more) which they also have to maintain, they have numerous applications and s/w licences, in fact they have spent a small fortune purchasing all the h/w and s/w, and they have to continue spending due to keeping them up and running.  They see 2nd generation systems as Expensive, Complex and a question I get from customers is “Why do I need so many servers” and with the price of electricity going up I believe this question is even more valid.

The issues with 2nd generation systems can be summarised as silos of chaos, they are:

  • Complex expensive to Integrate
  • Multiple Applications
  • Multiple Servers
  • Expensive to buy, own and maintain


What is Application Convergence?

Application convergence is the convergence of multiple applications that read and store data in 1 database with a single user interface.

“ALL applications in 1 DB and 1 DB in ALL applications”

For the technical audience: The application layer comprises of 4 sub layers Presentation, Business Logic, Data Access and Storage. Application convergence is when you have multiple applications with 1 Presentation Layer, 1 Business Logic Layer, 1 Data Access Layer and 1 Storage Layer. The key in business is to apply application convergence to entire sections of the business like sales and marketing. This will eliminate the need for multiple non productive processes, tools and applications.

Why will Application Convergence bring about a technology revolution?

If we consider all the above benefits along with intelligent automation application convergence will bring about a technology revolution because of:

  • One system for all
    • All apps in one DB and one DB in all apps
    • One system for ALL Faxes, emails, SMS, quotes, letters, documents, brochures, customer data, pictures, product data, calendar items, actions, tasks, activities, appointments, sales data and accounts.
  • Minimise costs
    • 1 Server instead of several
    • 1 Application Instead of Several
    • Cheaper to Buy, Run and Maintain
    • Customize yourself no need for expensive Engineers
  • Increased Productivity – Next Gen Intelligent Automation
    • We can show from 50% to 300% productivity gains
    • Auto Admin, Emails, Faxes, SMS, Letters, Actions, Notes & Workflow
  • Maximise Sales
    • Automate and Simplify Sales – “Sell More”
  • Maximise Profit

Min Costs + Increased Productivity + Max Sales = Max Profit

Like all other technology revolutions Application Convergence WILL be Cheaper, Faster, Better, Easier and Smaller than 2nd generation integrated systems.


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