Stop Playing with toys like Office and Google Apps!

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Everybody knows MS Office™ and Google Apps, suites of applications that make it easy to create, view and edit Word, Excel, Email and other documents. The need to work with these types of documents has become a necessity as businesses exchange information with one another and their Customers. But businesses also know the limitations that come with these business-unready tools. It’s too easy to lose control of important business data: valuable information is stored in separate files and in various locations; information in one application can’t be accessed by another; there is little if not zero automation within and across your business applications.

There is increasingly a need to work with standard file types and the need to innovate so you can increase sales and business productivity dramatically – managing this has always been a complex and expensive exercise. Either you keep using standard office tools and put up with the wasted salaries on staff performing unnecessary tasks and processes, or you implement a tailored business solution designed for your specific business processes, which is hugely complex and expensive and can be afforded by only Large Enterprises.Not Any More!Working with standard file types and implementing a custom business system can now be achieved by ANY BUSINESS – including the smallest of businesses.

Introducing 3G Business – THE all-in-one business system with 26 Converged Apps built on an automation engine that solves the following key business issues (among many other of course):

  • Organised storage of ALL Customer information in one centralised location
  • The ability to access ALL Customer information from ALL applications
  • The ability to Automate within and across multiple applications
  • The ability to Change and Customise any part of your business system yourself

Learn more about this innovative business-ready tool that you can implement and customise yourself even on the smallest of budgets.

Watch this brief video, “How to accelerate the success of your business?” In eight minutes, it shows you how you can build and customise your own business system less expensively, more quickly, and much more easily than ever before.

Business-unready tools like Office™ and Google Apps can be fun to play with – but serious business people know they are the wrong tools for business. Start taking YOUR business seriously – Grow Sales, Reduce Costs and Save Loads of Time – Starting TODAY – with 3G Business.

“We Makie it Easy for Businesses to Grow & Succeed!”

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3G Business Will Help You:

  • Increase sales by up to 300%
  • Automate Marketing & Find new customers
  • Increase productivity by up to 500%

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