How To Select The Best Email Management Software

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It is a known fact that the more exposure customers get to the sales message of a brand, the more likely they will be to purchase products from that brand. Statistics reveal that customers need frequent reminders as many as seven times before they make the decision to buy something. Considering this and the fact that emails happen to be the preferred way to market online, investing in proper email management software is essential.

Numerous Choices

Gone are the days when you only had one or two email management software to choose. These days, there are numerous providers, each having their own pricing models as well as capabilities, which can make choosing the most appropriate one a tough task. However, you still need to make the right choice depending on your individual requirements. While it can be possible to transmit mailing lists across services, the process can be difficult, not to mention the loss of subscribers along the way.

Database Import And Export

One of the main features to look for in any email management software system is to check if it has database import and export features. In the import feature, the system should allow you to import your existing subscriber lists, in case you have them already. In the case of export feature, the system should have the provision to export the subscriber list to help you prepare a backup or to use the list in conjunction with other applications.

Signing Up And Unsubscribing

The email management software needs to allow subscribers the option to either subscribe or unsubscribe if they want to. These options should be provided both online on the site as well as within the newsletter sent in the email.

Verification Of Subscription

This is a useful feature of email management software, which allows users newly subscribing to verify if they really want to subscribe to the newsletter. This prevents getting a user to subscribe who may not be really interested in the newsletter. It also reduces the probability of your mails being marked as spam or users unsubscribing.

No Size Limit

While free versions of email management software can place caps or restrictions on the newsletter size being sent out or the volume of messages sent every month, the paid ones usually do not have such restrictions.


Such features within the email management software allow you to customize your marketing newsletter in the way you want to.

Bouncing Address Removal

Sometimes, the email newsletter may fail to reach the intended recipient and bounce back. This can happen if the subscriber’s email ID has changed or they did not update the subscription. Thus, the email management software needs to have such a provision to remove addresses where the newsletter is bouncing off.

Data On Demographics

As part of the newsletter signup or registration stage, subscribers are asked for some basic information and this comprehensive data is very useful to understand the demographic of the target audience and email management software should have the ability to collect this information.

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