How to Increase sales whilst reducing costs?

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One of the simplest and most important formulas in business is Profit = Revenue – costs. Most business focus on (Revenue) constantly increasing sales by acquiring new customers and pay little no attention to maximising existing leads, selling to existing customers and reducing the cost of sale. The reason, “It’s too complicated!” I agree, it is complicated if you have the wrong tools.

20 years ago if you wanted to send a customer a message you had 2 choices write and mail or write and fax. The late 90’s brought a great change to business, PC’s, Internet, Email and numerous software applications. This was great improvement; we could print letters easily, save templates edit and print, mail merge and instantly email any corner of the globe. Yes these were substantial improvements but have we made it easier for business? With these new systems, tools and applications we find ourselves today spending more and more time Copying & Pasting, Updating this & Updating that, Reminders for this and Reminders for that, Looking for this and trying to find that.

Today’s businesses are demanding simpler systems that will nurture their Leads, maximise sales to existing customers whilst reducing the total cost of doing business. Business and their staff are demanding systems that do away with the repetitive mundane tasks. They are saying “We don’t want to waste time on admin, we want more time to spend with customers” and quite frankly I agree with them.
The only way to meet all of these demands is thru systems that provide business automation with convergence.

“Future business systems will not be about putting new technology into business it will be all about putting your business into the technology.”

One system that delivers customisable business automation via a single converged system is 3GB CRM, a complete business system that leverages its Automation Engine, the latest Generation CRM and Advanced Business Management into1 single solution.
No need for: Separate systems such as: Outlook, Word, Fax, Email, SMS and document templates, separate lead management systems, costly web integration, reminders, storage, multiple email accounts, other messaging systems, multiple servers and expensive integration plus much more… Built on 3GB Enterprise CRM which is one of the most innovative Customer Relationship Management System, you will immediately realise the benefits with the Automation of Emails, SMS, Letters, Appointments, Sales Reminders and Administration. 3GB CRM enables you to work smarter not harder.

Improve your business overnight by:

  • Increasing sales – Simplify & Automate Sales
  • Work smarter not harder! – Clever Automation
  • ALL apps in 1 database & 1 database in ALL apps
  • Connect web, email, fax, sms directly to your database
  • Build and automate business workflow and messaging
  • Auto Emails, Faxes, SMS, Letters, Appointments…
  • Web enquiries automatically create customer files
  • Auto response email, fax, sms and letter responses
  • Auto appointment and bookings creation & confirmation
  • Auto customer and process management
  • Minimise Costs, Maximise Productivity & Maximise Sales

“Automate your business, Minimise your costs, Maximise Productivity whilst Maximising your Profit.”

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