How to get leads for free?

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One of the biggest challenges in most business is increasing sales. To increase sales you need to increase customers. The following are a few tried and tested methods that can be used to generate more leads which then we convert into customers.

LEADS, LEADS and More Leads…..

The Challenge: How to get more leads for Free? (or as close to free as possible)

1 Tool that I have come across which is worth its weight in gold is Internet Business Promoter. Not only is it a great tool to optimise your web site to achieve better position on Google (and other search engines) natural search results; it also can be used to find leads.

iBusiness Promoter

This tool enables you select specific search engines and specific keywords and it will build you a database of leads you can then later market to.
e.g. Imagine you want to find all real-estate agents in Sydney. You simply type in real estate Sydney select the search engines you want to search in type how many records you want it to find and presto, a few hours later you have a list of email address, names, addresses, phone fax etc. You then can export this list in to excel an then import into 3GB or your mass email marketing solution.

Its as easy as that!

You can also purchase lists which usually are better quality or find them in White Pages, Yellow Pages and business directories.
Use IBP with a variation of keywords to build your databases, keep in mind that most business will have an up-to-date listing either in White Pages or Yellow Pages. Enjoy!

Once you compile a list of leads you need a lead mangement system to market and manage those leads, 3GB provides numerous tools to market and auto manage these lists.

For more information contact 3GVision
In my next article I will publish “How to set-up IBP to build Marketing DB” for a step by step guide on how to use this simple and cheap method to get FREE LEADS….

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