What is the Key to Sales Success?

Sales people fail when they don’t have the discipline or knowledge in completing the correct activities on a daily basis. In all sales roles, there are many daily tasks/activities such as calls, visits, meetings, appointments and proposals that need to be completed in a timely manner if a salesperson wants to hit their targets. It’s also important to ensure that every sales role has specific KPI’s with specific KEY METRICS to maintain consistent sales performance.

Make it easier to sell and they will sell more!

Automate & Simplify Your Sales Processes

The 3GB Workflow Management system will tell your staff What to do, When to do it, How to do it and if required, Do it for them. It reduces the need for training and Ensures EVERYTHING gets done when it should, each and every day. It also provides management with full visibility of individual work completed and future work enabling them to manage individual work volumes more effectively.

Never ask a human to do what a computer can!

Automate Time-Consuming Sales Tasks

Not only can you build workflow which automates your sales processes, you can control and automate all the 3GB Applications, such as the 3GB Word Editor, Spreadsheets, Outlook like email and calendar plus much more. Meaning your sales process can automatically create and send Emails, Faxes, SMS, Appointments, Notes, Tasks, Actions, Documents, letters even proposals, quotes and invoices. This will greatly reduce the time your sales people spend on admin work giving them more time to spend with new and existing customers.

“In most SMEs, 80% of expenditure on lead generation goes to waste for lack of commitment, discipline or understanding of what to do with old leads. (Price Waterhouse Coopers)

Automate Lead Management with Lead Nurturing

One of the biggest challenges in most sales departments is lead management, if it’s not automated, it is impossible to cost effectively manage; meaning you waste a lot of time and money generating more leads than you need.

3GB automatically creates the customer file upon every new lead, it then sends out a highly customised response specific to that customer and to the product or service and then generates an action for the most appropriate sales person to follow-up that enquiry.

Combined with the Lead Nurturing system it seamlessly manages the lead between automated marketing and the sales team, automatically progressing it from a simple enquiry all the way to a purchase and beyond.

Ensure they’re achieving the day to day targets and identify areas of weakness by reviewing their pipeline performance.

In order to maximise the performance of a sales team we tend to split-up the sales process into the 4 main stages:

  1. Explore
  2. Define
  3. Propose
  4. Close

3GB Enables you to monitor these 4 stages (or create your own) providing you with full visibility of the percentage ratios between each stage. You can quickly determine the average percentages between:

  • Lead to Explore
  • Explore to Define
  • Define to Propose
  • Propose to Close

These 4 percentage ratios when compared to the organisational averages enables you to determine each staff’s competency level at each stage. This provides you with valuable insight into each staff’s competency at each stage, enabling you to identify strengths and weaknesses so you can provide targeted training ensuring each staff member is at an acceptable competency level.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Finally, a system that automatically disciplines every sales person into maintaining a consistent level of commitment with every minute task each and every day.

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