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The ONLY All-in-One business software
with CRM, sales, marketing and automation.

3G Business CRM is all you will need to automatically convert leads into customers, automate repeat business, simplify and grow your sales and greatly increase your business productivity.

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All-in-One with 26 Apps

Big business technology for small budgets

Touted as ‘The Next Big Thing’ in business

3G Business is an All-in-One system that enables you to automate various tasks, processes and applications.

Most SMEs use 4 or 5 different applications that are costly and HUGELY inefficient. The dilemma is they only have 2 options; continue wasting money on inefficiency or spend a fortune on integration. 3G Business introduces a NEW option: Application Convergence – Applications that talk to one another.
3G Business:

  1. Greatly Increase Productivity – Kills Inefficiency
  2. Is Converged - No Integration Required
  3. All-in-One – Cheaper to Buy, Own and Maintain

Imagine: your Email talks to Word and tells it to write a personalised letter and attaches it to a personalised email and sends. This is the power of Application Convergence – applications that talk to one another automatically.

Increase Productivity by at least 50%

Stop doing things the hard way!

Achieving your business potential

This depends on increasing sales and reducing costs. 3G Business will Minimise Costs through Productivity Increases of at least 50%. It will:

  1. Simplify and automate your business tasks and processes
  2. Automate mundane and repetitive tasks
  3. Automate admin and accounts
  4. Manage your staff by telling them what to do, when to do it, how to do it and where required it will do it for them

The Secret to Maximising Sales Efficiency is Business Process Automation - a system that automatically completes your admin tasks, manages your staff, sends out invoices, does your accounts and writes emails, faxes, SMS and letters automatically for you.

Get More Customers

Maximise Your Leads and Increase Repeat Business

The TOP Marketing Priority

Focus on existing customers to maximise repeat business (increase sales by at least 30%) which allows you to spend more on new customer acquisition than your competitors. 3G Business AutoPilot Marketing enables you to:

  1. Use Lead Nurturing so you never waste another lead
  2. Maximise Repeat Business with auto cross-sell and up-sell
  3. Increase Sales with auto Follow-ups
  4. Reward your best customers via the VIP Loyalty System, further increasing repeat business

In most SMEs, 80% of expenditure on lead generation goes to waste for lack of commitment, discipline or understanding of what to do with old leads. Finding a new Customer costs three to seven times more than keeping one, and for many companies, up to 95% of profits come from long-term Customers. – Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Close More Sales

Automate Tasks, Processes & Sales Management

Your sales staff are working to their maximum but sales results are somehow still mediocre. You need to improve but how? If you increase marketing, you get more leads, but you need more sales staff to convert them into Customers. The REAL problem is inefficient processes resulting from antiquated business systems. 3G Business will:

  1. Simplify and automate your sales process – More Time
  2. Automate Marketing and Follow-ups – More Customers
  3. Nurture your existing Customers - More Repeat Sales

The REAL problem is that most sales staff are only 30% efficient because they use the wrong tools for the job. Tools such as MS Office are great for collaborative working, but HUGELY inefficient for sales and marketing, which are predominantly process and task driven. They also rely on; people to manage the sales process, reminders, notes, emails and meetings to keep on top of the sales pipeline - all of which is automated in 3G Business.