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3 Reasons a CRM is a Must-have for Small Business

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Are you still running your small business sales and marketing activity on spreadsheets, an email inbox and Post-it notes? That may have been suitable when you were just starting out however, it makes you vulnerable to mistakes as your business grows. We find many small business owners often procrastinate when it comes to utilising better

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The Truth About Win and Web Based CRM

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Speed of application use Probably the key for all business’s and the reason that more than 80% of the CRM market is still application based. If you have x amount of people using the system for X amount of time,  you will have to understand that this is costing you up to 30% more because

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Web Vs on-site CRM?

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Web based CRM is also known as hosted CRM and is a new form of cost effective CRM delivery. These systems usually have poor user interface and are proprietary systems. It is very difficult and expensive to have custom development on web based CRM.  

Six Ideas for Next Generation CRM

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I was browsing the web and I came across an interesting article Six Ideas for Next Generation CRM by Graham Hill. I found this article quite interesting so I added my response which I have provided below:

Next Generation CRM – 3G Business CRM

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3GBusiness CRM is a simple and easy-to-use Sales, Business Automation and Contact Management database, designed for companies that sell products and services to numerous customers.

CRM Customisation

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Next Generation CRM platforms need to offer full customisation. With the number of flexible design tools and components for .net and other development platforms there are no excuses for CRM providers not to offer truly simple customisation tools that can be used by non IT minded individuals.

Does CRM Manage Customer Relationships?

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – The wider industry agrees on the acronym but everybody in it seems to have their own definition. In order to understand if CRM manages customer relationships I will first look at the various definitions of CRM and then explore if CRM has any impact on customer relationships.